LSHKIT Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
lshkit::metric::basic_hamming(Basic) hamming distance
lshkit::Benchmark< KEY >Access a benchmark file
lshkit::DeltaLSB< LSH >The DeltaLSH version of LSB.
lshkit::DeltaLSB< LSH >::Parameter
lshkit::DeltaLshConcept< LSH >DeltaLSH concept checker
lshkit::DeltaXor< LSH >DeltaLSH version of XOR
lshkit::DeltaXor< LSH >::Parameter
lshkit::kernel::dot< T >Inner product
EmbedderThe abstract embedder
lshkit::FixedTail< LSH, range >The modulo operation with fixed divisor
lshkit::FixedTail< LSH, range >::Parameter
lshkit::ForestIndex< LSH, KEY >LSH Forest index
lshkit::metric::hamming< T >Hamming distance
lshkit::Histogram< LSH >Random histogram construction
HyperPlaneEmbedderWrapper of the histogram embedder
lshkit::HyperPlaneLshRandom hyperplane based LSH for cosine similarity
lshkit::metric::l1< T >L1 distance
lshkit::metric::l2< T >L2 distance
lshkit::metric::l2sqr< T >Squred L2 distance
lshkit::LSB< LSH >Take the LSB of the hash value
lshkit::LSB< LSH >::Parameter
lshkit::LshConcept< LSH >LSH concept checker
lshkit::LshIndex< LSH, KEY >Flat LSH index
lshkit::Matrix< T >Matrix
lshkit::Matrix< T >::AccessorAn accessor class to be used with LSH index
lshkit::metric::max< T >Max-norm distance
lshkit::MultiProbeLshMulti-Probe LSH class
lshkit::MultiProbeLshIndex< KEY >Multi-Probe LSH index
lshkit::ProbeProbe vector
lshkit::ProbeSequenceTemplatesProbe sequence template
lshkit::Repeat< LSH >Concatenation of a number of LSHes
lshkit::Repeat< LSH >::Parameter
lshkit::RepeatHash< LSH >Apply a random hash to the concatenation a number of hash values
lshkit::RepeatHash< LSH >::Parameter
lshkit::Sketch< LSH, CHUNK >LSH-based sketcher
lshkit::StableDistLsh< DIST >Stable distribution based LSH
lshkit::StableDistLsh< DIST >::Parameter
lshkit::StatBasic statistics
StripeEmbedderWrapper of the histogram embedder
lshkit::Tail< LSH >The modulo operation on hash values
lshkit::Tail< LSH >::Parameter
lshkit::ThresholdingLshRandom hyperplane based LSH for L1 distance
lshkit::Topk< KEY >Top-K heap
lshkit::TopkEntry< KEY >Top-K entry
lshkit::TopkScanner< ACCESSOR, METRIC >Top-K scanner
lshkit::WeightedHammingHelper< CHUNK >Weighted hamming distance calculator
lshkit::Xor< LSH >XOR a number of 1-bit LSHes
lshkit::Xor< LSH >::Parameter

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