LSHKIT File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
include/lshkit.h [code]The LSHKIT master header file
include/lshkit/archive.h [code]A set of binary I/O routines
include/lshkit/common.h [code]Common type and function definitions used by all components
include/lshkit/composite.h [code]Defining a bunch of LSH compositions
include/lshkit/concept.h [code]Check the LSH concept
include/lshkit/eval.h [code]A set of classes for evaluation
include/lshkit/forest.h [code]A preliminary implementation of LSH Forest index
include/lshkit/histogram.h [code]LSH-based random histogram construction
include/lshkit/kernel.h [code]Common kernel definitions
include/lshkit/lsh-index.h [code]Flat (non-multi-probe) LSH index
include/lshkit/lsh.h [code]This file defines a set of basic LSH families
include/lshkit/matrix.h [code]Dataset management. A dataset is maintained as a matrix in memory
include/lshkit/metric.h [code]Common distance measures
include/lshkit/mplsh.h [code]Multi-Probe LSH indexing
include/lshkit/sketch.h [code]Implementation of LSH based sketches
include/lshkit/topk.h [code]Top-K data structures
tools/embed.cppExample program of set embedding with random histograms
tools/fitdata.cppGather statistics from dataset for MPLSH tuning
tools/lsh-run.cppExample of using LSH Forest index for L2 distance
tools/mplsh-predict.cppPredict MPLSH performance
tools/mplsh-run.cppExample of using MPLSH
tools/mplsh-tune.cppAutomatic parameter tuning for MPLSH
tools/scan.cppLinear scan dataset and construct benchmark
tools/sketch-run.cppExample of sketch construction with Gaussian LSH
tools/txt2bin.cppConvert a dataset file from text to binary

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