include/lshkit/concept.h File Reference

Check the LSH concept. More...

#include <boost/concept/assert.hpp>
#include <boost/concept/usage.hpp>

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namespace  lshkit


struct  lshkit::LshConcept< LSH >
 LSH concept checker. More...
struct  lshkit::DeltaLshConcept< LSH >
 DeltaLSH concept checker. More...

Detailed Description

Check the LSH concept.

An LSH class should define the following items to be used in the LSHKIT framework:

Some of the LSH functions are created by rouding a real number to an integer, and the part rounded off (delta) usually carries useful information. Such LSH functions are modeled by the DeltaLSH concept, which should implement the following extra method:

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